2019 -2023

Accompagnement de Proximité Personnalisé pour le Renforcement Organisationnel et le Changement des Caritas en Afrique subsaharienne

Total budget of DIRO
Program – Phase 3
2.500.000 €

Target audience

Direct beneificiaries

17 National Caritas 202 Diocesan Caritas in the 17 countries Caritas Africa Regional Executive Secretariat

Target Population

More than 40 millions vulnerable people in the 18 Countries.

Context and Stakes of the Program
  • Poverty rate above 45% in more than 70% of the 17 countries involved in the program;
  • Nearly 60% of the sub-Saharan African countries where Caritas operate are facing recurring crises and conflicts ;
  • Amongst civil society organizations which contribute in the development of public policies, the Caritas network in Africa holds a special position by accompanying communities and populations through its presence at the lowest level of society.
Program aim

“to contribute to the reduction of extreme poverty and inequality by strengthening the organizations of African civil societies working for the emergence of a fair, peaceful and inclusive societies through effective and responsible institutions at all levels, to achieve integral human development”.

Results expected from the program : 5 main results

Result 1

The Caritas Africa network is better structured, strengthened and develops an approach of change, which allows to handle the risks related to institutional and organizational development of Caritas.

Result 2

The sub-Saharan African Caritas have become more effective in the fight against poverty, injustice and inequalities.

Result 3

The autonomy and the sustainability of the Caritas are reinforced thanks to a multiform support in the domain of institutional and organizational development.

Result 4

The impact of the Caritas Africa network is visible, as regards the improvement of public policies for the benefit of the most vulnerable populations.

Result 5

The transfer of the program to the Executive Secretariat of Caritas Africa take effect and the latter get significant capacities to manage and coordinate the implementation of a multi-countries program.

Desired major changes
  • Professional, strong and recognized, the Caritas develop a leadership that boosts the advocacy and actions of civil society in favor of more adequate development policies.
  • The communities have improved their living conditions and their resilience to face situations of precariousness and emergency, thanks to Caritas accompaniment.
Countries covered by the program
  • 13 countries that participated in the realization of phase 2 of the A2P-DIRO program: Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Comoros, Congo, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Niger, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Togo, Senegal;
  • 4 additional countries: Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and Zambia.
  • The Executive Secretariat of Caritas Africa.

Process of designing of the new program


Regional Coordinator of Caritas Africa 735, bld des Armées Tokoin Séminaire 8BP : 8395 Lomé (TOGO) Tél.: +228 98 91 25 25 / 22 21 29 37 coord@caritas-africa.org / secaf@caritas-africa.org

M. Koffi Edmond AHANOGBE

In Charge of APPROCHE Program 735, bld des Armées Tokoin Séminaire 8BP : 8395 Lomé (TOGO) Tel. : +228 90 20 69 74 / 22 21 29 37 E-mail : approche.coordination@caritas-africa.org

Mr. Benoit-Xavier LORIDON

Director of International Action and Advocacy - Caritas France, 106 rue du Bac - 75007 Paris Tel : +33 1 45 49 73 94 E-mail : benoitxavier.loridon@secours-catholique.org