Message of Pope Francis on the occasion of the 6th World Day of the Poor, November 13

November 13, 2022, XXXIIIrd Sunday of Ordinary Time
Jesus Christ became poor for your sake (cf. 2 Cor 8:9)

“Jesus Christ […] became poor for your sake” (2 Cor 8:9). It is with these words that
the Apostle Paul addresses the first Christians of Corinth, to give a foundation to their
commitment of solidarity with their brothers in need. The World Day of the Poor
returns this year as a healthy provocation to help us reflect on our
lifestyle and on the many current poverties.

How many poor people does the absurdity of war create! Everywhere you look, you see
notes how violence strikes the defenseless and the weakest; deportations

of thousands of people, mostly boys and girls, to uproot them and impose on them a
another identity. The words of the Psalmist in the face of the destruction of Jerusalem and the exile of the young
the rivers of Babylon / we sat down and we made our way through the streets of Babylon / and we made our way through the streets of Babylon / and we made our way through the streets of Babylon / and we made our way through
weeping/ remembering Zion. / From the willows around / we had hung our harps,
/ there our victors / asked us for songs, / and our executioners for tunes
joyful / […] How shall we sing a song of the Lord / in a foreign land? “(Ps
137, 1-4).
Millions of women, children and elderly people are forced to brave the danger of
bombs by seeking refuge in neighbouring countries as people who have been
displaced. Those who remain in the conflict zones live with fear and fear of the future every day.
lack of food, water, medical care and especially affection. In these circumstances, the
reason becomes obscured and it is the ordinary people who suffer the consequences, and who
add to the already high number of poor people. How to give an adequate answer
able to bring relief and peace to so many people left at the mercy of uncertainty and
of precariousness? …

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