Address: Caritas Gabon, BP 2146, Gabon
Telephone:+241 07 55 33 51 Fax: +241 7 24 368

Assistance in Gabon in the 1950s was provided by Secours Catholique (Caritas France). It was only in 1967 and following the massive influx of refugees fleeing the Biafran war that the Episcopal Conference of Gabon decided to set up an organization capable of providing assistance to these displaced populations. Thus, Caritas Gabon was created.

Established more than 45 years ago, it now includes 5 dioceses, an Apostolic Prefecture and about 80 parishes, thus ensuring an important and respected presence in the whole country.

At its core, Caritas works to reduce poverty, especially among the most vulnerable such as the elderly, refugees and street children. Its mission extends to promoting equality between men and women, providing food and medical aid, and supporting displaced people as well as encouraging community well-being and health.

To this end, Caritas runs two centers, one for street children where they receive an education until they are reintegrated into their families, and the other serving as a transit center where trafficked children can learn to read and write while awaiting their return to their country of origin. Caritas also runs stores where medicines can be purchased at an affordable price.

With regard to emergency aid, and support for refugees and displaced persons,
Caritas Gabon depends on volunteers and to reach its objectives and better mobilize for the poor, it is active in media advocacy through the messages of the Bishops and consults with various humanitarian organizations.

Caritas Gabon’s partners are: UNICEF, UNDP, and the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Family.