Address: National Catholic Secretariat, Gaye Town, Old Road Behind
Christ the King Catholic, Church Monrovia Liberia
Telephone: +231 22 72 45 Fax: +231 22 62 87

Caritas Liberia’s work began in earnest during the civil crisis of the 1990s, which intensified between 1999 and 2003, when the organization provided emergency aid in the form of food and medical supplies to thousands of people forced to flee their villages. Since 2003, the organization has shifted from immediate emergency aid to long-term development programs in the areas of sustainable agriculture, education, maternal and child health, HIV and AIDS prevention, poverty eradication, and livelihoods development. Caritas Liberia’s tenacious commitment to helping the poorest and most vulnerable people lead full and productive lives and participate in decisions about their development rights is the foundation of its work.

Caritas Liberia’s agricultural development projects aim to reduce poverty and hunger and improve rural livelihoods. Among the programs: distribution of seeds and fertilizers, and training of farmers on how to improve their cassava and rice production using better farming techniques, time-saving technologies and better access to markets.

Since its inception, one of the main missions of Caritas Liberia has been to care for people living with AIDS, and to raise awareness about prevention measures to reduce the spread of the epidemic. At the diocesan level, Caritas Gbarnga, in collaboration with CRS, has implemented the Faithful House project to encourage marital fidelity in order to reduce the spread of the virus among married couples.

The organization’s health programs provide prenatal care to pregnant women, work within communities to strengthen immunization and health systems, and offer training and liaison with governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Caritas Liberia’s capacity building improves water supply and sanitation systems in schools and communities, and promotes good hygiene practices.

The Caritas Liberia headquarters in Monrovia coordinates the 3 diocesan Caritas structures – Caritas Monrovia, Caritas Gbarnga and Caritas Cape Palmas.

Caritas Liberia’s collaboration with the global Caritas network is essential to the success of its work. For example, with Catholic Relief Services USA, Caritas Italy, Caritas England & Wales- CAFOD, Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Africa.