Address: Caritas Guinea-Bissau, Avenida dos Combatentes da Liberdade da Pátria, Apartado 20, 1001 Bissau, Guinea-Bissau
Telephone: +245 665 38 41

Caritas Guinea-Bissau was created on 20 May 1982. Its field of action extends to the two Dioceses of Bissau and Bafatá, which includes 41 Parishes and Missions throughout the territory of Guinea-Bissau.

Areas of intervention: Health, Training, Food security, Emergencies and support to income generating activities.

Caritas Guinea-Bissau has a strong presence at the national level:

  • 24 Nutritional Recovery Centers – monitoring vulnerable children and supporting mothers.
  • 1 Home for Children at Risk.
  • 1 Pediatric Hospital – the only health unit of its kind in Guinea Bissau.
  • 1 Hansen’s Disease Hospital – a National Reference Center for the treatment of Hansen’s Disease, HIV-AIDS and Tuberculosis.
  • 1 Health Center “Dom Settimio Ferrazzeta” – realization of auxiliary examinations of diagnosis and medicinal studies of research.
  • Natural Medicine Project including research and production of natural medicines.
  • Project Safe Motherhood aims to improve maternal health and reduce infant and maternal mortality.
  • SIDA SERVICE’s main program is Lifetime Alert sessions in schools.
  • Project “No Kume Sabi” aims to enhance the value of local products, by organizing training sessions on eating habits based on the variety of easily accessible foods.
  • Foire des Possibilités is a technical training center in agriculture, beekeeping, fruit and vegetable processing, and livestock.

Local partners
Ministry of Health, Tiniguena, PDSA, Rádio Sol Mansi, SNLS, AMIC, IMC, COAJOQ.

International Partners
CRS, CARITAS Italiana, FEC, Commission européenne, PAM, UNFPA, UNICEF, COPE, Ambassade de France, TABANCA, IMVF, SNV.