Evaluation of Caritas Internationalis Management Standards

A call to serve the under privileged

On February 5-7 2024 Caritas Africa was assessed against the Caritas Internationalis Management Standards:
(1) MS 1 Laws and Ethical Codes
(2) MS 2 Governance and Organisation
(3) MS 3 Programme and Finance Accountability
(4) MS 4 Stakeholder Involvement
(5) MS 5 Safeguarding.
The President, Vice President, Regional Executive Secretary, Treasurer and the team at the secretariat participated in this important exercise. Caritas Africa was recommended for being compliant in all the mandatory articles. The Regional Commission will meet on March 18-22, 2024 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, to discuss the results and plan for the next steps. Caritas Africa believes that the CIMS are an important channel to attain institutional strengthening and organisational development.
We will continue to strive to give efficient and professional services through reflection and discernment.


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