CSO Forum on Migration and Mobility at the AU-EU week of partnerships 15th February 2022.

The leaders of the EU and the African Union (AU) including their respective member states will meet for the sixth European Union – African Union summit in Brussels on 17 and 18 February 2022. The 5th summit took place in Abidjan in 2017. AU-EU relations have been guided by the “Joint Africa-EU Strategy”, which was adopted in 2007. The upcoming summit will lead to the adoption of a new partnership framework, replacing that of 2007, covering multiple policy areas, and which will guide Africa-EU relations in the next years.

Ahead of the summit a series of events will take place (mostly virtually) during the “AU-EU week of partnerships” from 14th February.  

A Civil society forum and a Local authorities’ forum will take place virtually on Tuesday 15 February 2022. It will be jointly organised by a group of African and European civil society organisations (CSOs) and local authorities (LAs), “steering group”.

Caritas Africa in collaboration with Caritas Europa, Act Alliance EU, Caritas International Belgium and ADEPT will be holding a session on Migration as a force for development between Africa and Europe, on 15th February 2022 11:30- 12:30 CET.

We invite you to register for the event via the link below:


We look forward to engaging with you on promoting safe and legal pathways for migration between Africa and Europe, based on inputs from African, European and diaspora CSO.


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