Vacant position: Advocacy Officer at Caritas Africa (Head office) Lomé, Togo

Caritas Africa is a fast-growing institution is currently undergoing an organizational review against the Caritas Internationalis Management standards. With this process it will scale up its capacities for advocacy.

Project aim:

Caritas Africa’s Policy and Advocacy work is enhanced to achieve evidence-based results by 2026.


  1. Caritas Africa’s policy and advocacy work at the Secretariat level is strengthened
  2. Caritas Africa’s Communications is enhanced through consistent content generation for social media
  3. Member organisations are accompanied and supported to contribute to international advocacy initiatives at a continental level

Necessary qualification:

First Degree in one of the following: Development Studies, Political Science, Agricultural Economics, Social Science, Public Policy and Governance.

Duties of the Jobholder:

a) Communication

  • Support the development and implementation of a Caritas Africa Communications strategy for 2024-2027.
  • Liaise communications and advocacy to media organizations, governmental bodies, national groups, private sector, educational and international org., etc.
  • Advise the leaders in organizing media outreach and train staff: press briefings, interviews; talking points for senior staff; production/distribution of comm. products

b) Advocacy

  • Assist in the general implementation of the advocacy strategy (methods, approaches; resolve communications/ PR problems, outreach).
  • Identify key policy issues, influence opportunities and targets.
  • Support conducting context analysis with 46 Member organisations collating the social, political and economic contexts, youth and women’s rights
  • conduct political economy analysis, track policies at UN, AU, RECs and state.


First Degree in Development Studies, Political Science, Agricultural Economics, Social Science or Public
Policy and Governance. A Postgraduate qualification is an added advantage;

  • the applicant must be an excellent communicator
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and publisher softwareAdditional requirements (e.g. working experience, international experience, …).
  • A strong team player able to work in a diverse, fast-paced and multicultural environment with some staff working remotely across Africa.
  • Able to work under pressure and sometimes with tight deadlines
  • Ability to travel including at short notice, including during weekends and holidays. Caritas Africa Compensates holidays and all non-working days used for travel.
  • The ability to speak French, Portuguese and Swahili is an added advantage.

Project environment

The Technical Advisor will support international advocacy alongside the Caritas Africa Policy and Advocacy Officer, the Debt and Inclusive Economic Recovery Campaign Manager, a social media account manager and a Graphic Designer. Caritas Africa is desirous to have a generalist that may conduct advocacy in in different conceptual work areas of Caritas Africa. The primary target of our work is our membership, which gives us the mandate to service them. We receive policy direction from our board and various committees, which constitute the organization. In terms of our work context, we work through our Member Organizations including with their respective governments and local governments. We are part of faith actors raising awareness on destruction of our common home [earth] and the inherent adverse effects taking tall on poor and marginalized people and communities. We conduct trainings, workshops, webinars, policy briefings, exchange visits; solidarity visits and attend local, national and international events as part of our response design in fulfillment of the four work-strands mentioned above. Target group/s: 46 Member organizations on the African Continent.

Position and Climate

Lomé is the capital of Togo with almost 2 mio inhabitants, located on the Gulf of Guinea. Lomé is relatively dry with an annual average rainfall of 850 mm (ca. average 59 rainy d/y); temperatures range from 25°C to 30 C.


It is the administrative, industrial and trade center, busy with the export of cocoa, cashew, palm and cotton. Lomé is a modern city that organises international events and welcomes high-ranking delegations. The supply situation in the city is good; in the hinterland, the range of products and services is significantly limited.


Caritas Africa will support with securing adequate and safe accommodation.


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