The 10th Regional General Assembly of Caritas Africa begins in Rome, Italy.

The indoor proceedings of the 10th Regional General Assembly of Caritas Africa started on May 8, 2023 at the Casa La Salle Hotel, Rome, Italy. Over 90 delegates from 46 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and partners, gathered to discuss the future of Caritas in Africa and its commitment to Africa’s development.

The kick-off of the General Assembly was given on Sunday by an inaugural mass said by the Bishop President of Caritas Africa, Archbishop Gabriel Justice ANOKYE, Metropolitan Archbishop of Kumasi in Ghana, surrounded by a dozen other Bishops and about twenty Priests.

During three days, from May 8 to 10, participants will exchange on themes related to the most pressing social issues affecting Africa, validate the next strategic framework 2024 – 2030, and also address governance issues that are essential for the sustainability and impact of the organization. They will elect the new members of the governing bodies (President, and Regional Commission, representing women and youth) and the Executive Secretary of the organization.

Discussions focus on innovative and effective approaches in a spirit of brotherhood.

The 10th Regional General Assembly of Caritas Africa promises to be a crucial moment for the organization, national Caritas and African communities. It is an opportunity to unite energies and resources for economic growth, social development and peace in Africa.



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