O presidente da Caritas de Angola, Dom Jesus Tirso Blanco, defendeu que os países lusófonos “devem apoiar-se mutuamente na luta por mais justiça social”, no encontro das Cáritas destes países, que decorreu em Brasília (DF), Brasil.

No encontro das Cáritas Lusófonas, que teve o seu início no dia 9 de Novembro, e tem a presença das Cáritas nacionais dos oito países de língua oficial portuguesa, os representantes estão a reflectir sobre a fome e as desigualdades nestes países. (Mais)

Solidariedade: Caritas lusofonas devem empenhar-se na luta por mais justiça social

2 avis sur « Solidariedade: Caritas lusofonas devem empenhar-se na luta por mais justiça social »

  • 13th décembre 2015 à 07:49

    Excelente iniciativa. Muito Obrigado.

  • 23rd janvier 2017 à 12:23

    Child Pastoral Report Your Success Stories At Work In Mozambique
    ANAPAC requests PARTNERSHIPS João 10.10.
    Have already been assisted from this from 2000 to 2016 about 495,579 families in Mozambique of these 40,000 children from zero to two and a half years were assisted in matters of advice from mothers to take their children the vaccines, taught how to prepare the meal Multi-cultures, and submitted to pre-school education about 5000 children of their 1 to 4 years of these have already been passing classes close to 4700 children and already know how to read and write still about 2000 children study in secondary school and 10 have already achieved a technical training Of these 5 are teachers and 5 nurses leaving pre-school education in Mozambique in the province of Zambezia in the Namarroi district.
    About 6000 children with actionaid support were sponsored in the 2 located with sponsors of the Spanhas in Namarroi with the implementation of the sponsorship of this program with the pastoral of the child.
    In the health area 200,000 were benefited in 60 communities where about 900 people of the back age are assisted by anapac Mozambique, the remaining are young and women who have been trained in the use of multimixture flour, homemade serum besides other anemic diseases and promoted the sanitation of About 14,000 families.
    In the area of participatory democracy, about 400 district and village advisory councils have been formed in the areas of participatory democracy, leadership, association, loli, monitoring evaluation of fdd projects and good governance, and about 5,000 women participate in decision-making and Know their rights and duties. About 1,000 families in malnutrition were rehabilitated and about 2700 children in poor areas were malnourished.
    Around 50 women’s associations were trained in sustainable farming techniques, as well as in the preparation of community hunters, in addition to around 100 gastronomic fairs in the beneficiary families. About 14 girls’ clubs in the 14 schools are taught in columnar and Practice of sustainable agriculture using local products of high nutritional value.
    In the Education Area, the pastoral care of the child has already trained some 5000 girls from 2000 to 2016 in matters of gender, advocacy, leadership, associativism, columnarity, HIV / AIDS, in 100 epcs. Also about 856 women were literate in reflect teaching techniques in 200 centers assisted by anapac Mozambique. Were realities 7 classrooms destroyed by the gale and built 17 mother centers waiting for pregnant women in the areas of action of the pastoral of the child.
    In the area of coordination and projects were raised some 400,000,000 usd from 2000 to 2016 with government support social action, caritas de londres, danish foundation, Actionaid moçambique. In these funds about 250,000,000 USD were sponsorship of children with godfathers of Spain.
    Playing the Christmas party we ask for partnerships so that the children are not having a snack one day more are assisted and have life in abundance in their families and communities
    Paulo José Uaia
    National coordinator of the pastoral care of children in Mozambique
    Your short annual report on your success story on the mission, vision and vision of the pastoral care of children in Mozambique
    258843531940 call to learn more about the pastoral care of children in Mozambique


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ÁFRICA/NIGÉRIA - Nomeação do Bispo de Bauchi

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ÁSIA/FILIPINAS - O Bispo de Marawi: “Apelo em vídeo do Pe. Chito: fase critica, tememos pela vida dos reféns”

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AMÉRICA/ARGENTINA - Campanha da Caritas em vista da coleta anual: pobres sempre em aumento

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VATICANO - Card. Filoni à Assembleia POM: “O Evangelho jamais é completamente anunciado”

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AMÉRICA/COLÔMBIA - Alerta pela morte por desnutrição de oito crianças em uma semana

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AMÉRICA/MÉXICO - Card. Robles Ortega pede esclarecimentos sobre o homicídio de dois líderes indígenas wixarika

Guadalajara -“O Card. Francisco Robles Ortega, Arcebispo de Guadalajara, Jalisco, depois da missa dominical pediu o esclarecimento das circunstânci. . . read more Mon, 29 May 2017 22:21:05 +0200

AMÉRICA/VENEZUELA - Sacerdotes de Guayana: “Não podemos permanecer em silêncio diante da repressão”

Guayana - Os sacerdotes e diáconos da Diocese de Ciudad Guayana escreveram uma carta “ao povo peregrino na nossa amada terra e a todos os homens de. . . read more Mon, 29 May 2017 22:19:12 +0200

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